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Gas Safety Certificates

Gas Safety Certificates

Gas safety checks across Liverpool, St Helens and Warrington

We offer gas safety checks across Liverpool, Merseyside, Knowsley and Wirral. Need to improve the safety of your property today? Our team offer extensive gas safety checks and certificates. To get in touch, give us a call on 07758668234 or check out our contact details down below.

Why do I need landlord safety checks for my property in Liverpool?

As a landlord, your tenants’ safety is your responsibility, so it is important you do all you can to keep them safe. It is up to you to get all of your gas appliances serviced every year, in order to check they are in good working order for another year. This includes your boiler, cooker, fire and stove- amongst others. We carry out tests to check your appliances are all safe and sound, and then you can be issued with your gas safety certificates.

 It is not just homeowners that are required to get gas safety checks, and it also includes things such as hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and hostels. Anywhere that customers spend time in are required to have gas safety certificates, as it ensures the safety of every customer.

Getting gas safety checks makes sure that all of your appliances are running safely and soundly, as well as making sure they are efficient. An efficient boiler will save you money in the long run- which is great for you!

Gas safety certificates across Liverpool, Merseyside, Knowsley and Wirral 

Gas safety certificates are valid for twelve months after they have been issued, but you should keep them in your records for at least twenty four months.  Your existing tenants must be presented with copies of the certificates within a month of the safety checks being carried out. For new tenants, they must be shown up to date certificates before they move in. Gas safety certificates keep all of your tenants safe and sound, as well as making sure all of your appliances are running efficiently. 

Need gas safety certificates in Liverpool?

We offer gas safety checks across Liverpool, Merseyside, Knowsley and Wirral. Is it time you checked out the safety and efficiency of your properties? If so, you need to get booked in today! To arrange your free quote, give us a call on 07758668234 or 07423397737 or email us at info@21degreeheating.com. You can also get in touch using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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